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Y Friends Membership

What is the Y-Friends program?

Based upon available resources, it is the goal of the YMCA of Corry to be able to provide as much assistance as possible for adults, families, and children for membership and programs.  Financial aid awards are based on a review of the applicants total household income.  It is the hope of the YMCA to never turn away anyone from a program because of inability to pay. 

In order to evaluate your individual needs, the YMCA requires as much information as possible about your financial situation.  Certain items are mandatory and your Y-Friends application will be considered incomplete until all forms are submitted.  Once the completed package is submitted, it takes approximately 1-2 weeks to process and review.  Y-Friends memberships are renewed at 6-month intervals. 

Required Information

  • Completed Application
  • Proof of income (tax return, pay-stub, or W-2)

Y-Friends Orientation Meeting

All new Y-Friends members are required to attend an orientation meeting before activating their membership.  This orientation covers your membership benefits, YMCA policies, programs, and other services that Corry has to offer.  Check with our membership director for dates and times.

Funds used to support Y-Friends memberships are provided from charitable donations and the United Fund of Corry as part of our "Kids Need Heroes" campaign.


Y-Friends Membership Application