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Heritage Club

kidsThe Heritage Club of the YMCA of Corry is a membership of individuals who have made a bequest in their wills to the YMCA.  The gift amount is between the donor and his or her attorney.  These gifts should be designated for the YMCA of Corry Endowment Fund.

Potential members simply inform the CEO or Operations Director and a short meeting will be arranged to confirm plans, and the new members will be added to our proud display board in the front lobby.  Members are also invited to an annual dinner to celebrate their commitment to the future of the YMCA of Corry.

If you have any questions about the Heritage Club or would like to be a member please contact YMCA of Corry Associate Executive Director, Lisa Cox at 814-664-7757 or email at [email protected]

Heritage Club Members

Brad & Amy Allen

Chip & Terry Colwell

Anonymous (6 Members)
 Reggie & Joanne Baker
Scott & Michele Brady

Sally & Kevin Gearity

Jessie Thomas
 Tom & Nancy Roche
 Col. & Mrs. Norm Merritt
 The Gernovich Family
 Kelly & Pat Goodsel
 Shawn & Lisa Gross
 Greg & Marlys Seblink
 John & Colleen Zaczkiewicz
 Steve & Patti Redrup
 JT & Louise Colwell
 Steve and Tammy Stoddard
 Lisa Cox
 Roger Butters
 Travis and Stacy Heiser

 Mike & Linda Roden
 Jim & Chris Snyder
 Todd & Kristi Graves
 Ron & Debbie Thompson
 Kristy Elchynski
 Bill and Shannon West
 Jack and Nan McIntyre
 Robert and Christine Crotty
 Jim and Therese Robb & Family

Reggie and Joanne Baker

David Davila & Bobbe Cullers 

Ron & Linda Thompson 

Reverand S Thomas Suppa

John & Colleen Zackiewicz               

Rene Derose & Matt Xander             

 Bill & Amy Bracken                         

Kathy Christensen                           

Scott Fogel                                     

Nick Heil                                         

Bud & Janet Way                             

Ralph & Janet Derose                       

Kevin & Heather Goree                     

Andy & Erin Passinger   

Father Skip Davis

Kevin &b Susan O'Connell

Tina Freeman













Join us for our Annual Heritage Club Dinner

held in November...Watch for details coming soon

new heritage board