How Does Lipodystrophy Affect Physical Fitness?

Does exercise help lipodystrophy?

An exercise program combined with a moderate-fat, low-glycemic-index, high-fiber diet can reverse several aspects of lipodystrophy, and, until specific treatment is available, should be considered for treatment of lipodystrophy.

Does lipodystrophy make you fat?

People with lipodystrophy will have disproportionate fat accumulation on the body. This rare condition has many different forms and can be genetic or acquired. Anyone with concerns about lipodystrophy should speak to a doctor for a diagnosis.

What is lipodystrophy of the abdomen?

Lipodystrophy is a problem with the way your body uses and stores fat. It’s called acquired when you aren’t born with it. It often affects the fat that’s just under your skin, so it can change the way you look. It also can cause other changes in your body. Some people with HIV get lipodystrophy (LD-HIV).

Is lipodystrophy painful?

Lipodystrophy in panniculitis-associated AGL is preceded by the development of painful subcutaneous nodules or lesions consisting of small spots or bumps (maculopapular lesions). Individuals with autoimmune-associated AGL have past or present evidence of an autoimmune disorder in addition to lipodystrophy.

Can lipodystrophy be reversed?

There is no cure for lipodystrophy and research suggests that changes in body fat distribution caused by the use of older medications may be irreversible. If you are still taking one of the medications associated with lipodystrophy, switching to another medication will help prevent further lipodystrophy.

How do you get rid of lipodystrophy?


  1. Tesamorelin (Egrifta), a daily shot that can lessen belly fat but may raise your blood sugar.
  2. Metformin (Glucophage) for high blood sugar and insulin resistance.
  3. Atorvastatin (Lipitor) or rosuvastatin (Crestor) for high cholesterol.

Is lipodystrophy permanent?

While lipodystrophy is seen far less in people with HIV since the introduction of newer generation antiretrovirals, it remains a problem since the condition is rarely reversible and tends to persist even if the suspect medications are stopped.

What is the life expectancy of someone with lipodystrophy?

Age at death (years-old) of Berardinelli-Seip Congenital Lipodystrophy patients according to the year of death. Life expectancy for the study population was 62.9±4.8 years. The potential number of years of life lost was 35.6±16.6 years.

What happens when you have lipodystrophy?

Skin changes: Lipodystrophy is often associated with increases in insulin production by the pancreas. This can result in changes to skin which include thickening, darkening and velvety appearance that is referred to as “Acanthosis Nigricans” and usually affects the neck and underarm.

How is lipodystrophy diagnosed?

The diagnosis of lipodystrophy is usually made clinically based on history, body distribution of adipose tissue, physical examination, and metabolic profile. Lipodystrophy should be suspected in any person with partial or complete lack of subcutaneous adipose tissue.

How do I know if I have lipodystrophy?

Lipodystrophy Symptoms and Diagnosis. Lipodystrophy is a group of rare disorders characterized by the abnormal utilization and storage of body fat. The most common signs of lipodystrophy are an abnormal distribution of body fat and an insatiable appetite. The condition is classified based on multiple parameters.

How do you prevent lipodystrophy?

The best current preventative and thera-peutic strategies for lipohypertrophy include rotation of injection sites with each injection and non-reuse of needles. Changing injection sites helps in preventing development of lipohypertrophy.

What is the difference between lipoatrophy and lipodystrophy?

In this article, the loss of fat is referred to as lipoatrophy and the abnormal distribution of fat is referred to as lipodystrophy. The term lipoatrophic diabetes refers to diabetes mellitus in association with lipoatrophy. Lipodystrophy encompasses lipoatrophy and other abnormalities of adipose tissue.

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